Information for Parents

Academic Excellence

Highlands College is committed to giving your child an excellent experience, academically, spiritually and practically. Our staff and faculty are highly qualified to teach your students. Highlands College is an applicant for accreditation through ABHE.

How large are the classes at Highlands College?
How is my student set up for success in the classroom?
Can my student get a degree at Highlands College?
What is parallel-enrollment?
Can my student continue their education after Highlands College with another school?
Is Highlands College accredited?
What kind of emphasis is placed on academics at Highlands College?
Is there a GPA requirement?
What is the minimum test score required for Traditional Program admission?


It is the objective of Highlands College to provide students, staff, and guests an environment that is as safe as practicable during day-to-day operations as well as during natural and other disasters. All students should familiarize themselves with the Public Safety section of the Highlands College Student Handbook for the safety plans and procedures designed to help keep each student out of harms’ way.

Students are given personal identification cards that are to be worn on campus at all times.

Security guards are stationed on campus to ensure the safety of our students.

What safety measures are in place at student housing?
Will my student have to drive a lot?
Is there a police officer on campus during all hours that the campus is open?
What is the Highlands College student communication plan during emergency situations or catastrophic events?
Is there a nurse on campus in case of injury or emergency?
What safety measures are in place at the Highlands College campus?


What does community look like at Highlands College?
What help is available if a student has spiritual needs or concerns?
What if my student does not have a vehicle?
What if my son or daughter experiences roommate problems?
Does Highlands College offer any kind of meal plans?
What type of support system on campus is there for new students?
Can students stay in the apartments over breaks?
Are parents invited to Preview Day?