Degree Option

During Highlands College, our students are given the opportunity to pursue an Associate’s Degree in Christian Ministry through Southeastern University (SEU). SEU is an accredited university out of Lakeland, Florida. Our academic partnership with SEU allows students to take degree classes on-site while attending Highlands College. Students participating in this option will earn an Associate of Arts in Christian Ministry through SEU, as well as an Advanced Certificate of Ministry and Leadership (ACML) through Highlands College.

Students bringing in transfer credits may also participate in the Bachelor’s completion option to earn a Bachelor of Science in Christian Ministry. Please note that Bachelor’s completion classes are taught online, not on-site at Highlands College.

Degree Option
Tuition $395 Per Credit Hour*
Technology Fee $150 Per Semester
HC Fit $900 Per Semester

*Degree students typically take 15 credit hours per semester at a tuition rate of $6,075 per semester.

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