“I have chosen to support Highlands College over the years because I believe they are training the world’s next generation of great influencers. Highlands College is a one-of-a-kind institution that produces well-rounded ministry and marketplace leaders.”

John C. Maxwell
Growth Track
Discover Purpose

Highlands College students will go through the 4-week Growth Track classes at Church of the Highlands so they can learn more about the Highlands leadership and serve on a team every Sunday. Getting students involved on Sundays is the best way to prepare them for what life will be like on “game day” in the church world.

Dream Team
Make a Difference

Upon completing the Growth Track during their first semester, students will choose a Dream Team, our volunteer team, in which to serve. The Dream Team serve will be within a Church of the Highlands campus in the Birmingham area.

Reach the World

Students in Highlands College are required to go on at least one mission trip during their time at Highlands College. Mission trips are available through Highlands College as well as Church of the Highlands.


The purpose of the Highlands College Ambassadors is to represent the culture of Highlands College internally to the student body and externally to guests and prospective students. Ambassadors serve as an extension of the staff and are here to serve!

Life at Highlands College